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Thumann's Cold Cut Pie


4 pie crusts
1/2 lb. Thumann's roast beef
1/2 lb. Thumann's pastrami
1/2 lb. Thumann's chicken breast
1/2 lb. Thumann's Golden Roasted turkey breast
1/2 lb. Thumann's honey ham
1/4 lb. Pepperoni, sliced thin
4 med. onions, sliced
4 med. Tomatoes, sliced
2 lg. green peppers, chopped small
2 lg. red (sweet) pepper, chopped small


Finely chop all the meats, except for the pepperoni. Place a crust in a baking tin and layer in this order: onion, tomatoes, peppers and meats (except for the pepperoni), again onion, tomato and peppers. Top it with the pepperoni.

Place other crust over and arrange edges as any other pie. Bake it at 350 degrees until golden.

Serve hot. Makes 2 pies.