At Thumann's our highest priority is food safety and maintaining the quality of our products. Our Quality Assurance Program applies all guidelines issued by the USDA. Additionally, Thumann's uses customized precautionary measures to ensure the manufacturing of the finest products on the market.

Thumann's Quality Assurance Program

  1. Thumann's follows 12 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plans (HACCP) to insure individual and specialized attention to all raw and cooked meat groups to ensure the highest level of quality and freshness of all products.
  2. All of Thumann's products are made in one facility. Our competitors produce their products in multiple facilities, potentially compromising both quality and freshness while reducing product shelf life due to shipping from assorted locations.
  3. Air pressure system on all doorways into our manufacturing facility keeps impurities out.
  4. The USDA has used our Thumann's facility as a pillar of excellence for foreign country inspection dignitaries. We demonstrate superior compliance and quality control benchmarks every manufacturing day.
  5. We perform routine extensive microbiological testing.
  6. Thumann's performs customized food safety evaluations using an independent certified laboratory.
  7. Thumann's does not raise livestock on site, therefore, we never manufacture product where livestock is raised.
  8. All Thumann's employees working with raw material are completely separated from those working with cooked and packaged material.
  9. Upon entering cooked product areas, our employees sanitize their gloves and equipment every time they enter or re-enter their respective area.
  10. We have a Homeland Security plan actively in place to protect the public from potential food contamination.

Thumann's is dedicated to giving our customers the finest delicatessen products on the market as we have been since 1949.